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Why be locked into contracts or locked into the cloud for your event floor plan software. There is simply no need.

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Event Floor Plan Software

Why not start creating your function and event plans immediately.

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Event Organiser

As an event organiser, you would hold events in many different venues. You need the ability to create an event floor plan layout no matter which venue you are going to use. Create awesome function and event floor plans layouts in just 3 minutes.


Hotels, Conventions, Venues

Don't be fooled, the key to managing space is accurate plans. Your venue templates will be set up using architectural software to ensure absolute accuracy. In addition, we create customized furniture shapes representing your furniture and equipment!


Support & Training

We supply unlimited support and training. Why limit knowledge, we want our clients to utilise software to its full potential! Do not just become a number in the queue, speak to our staff immediately and see just how our customer service is the benchmark to be measured.

Labout & Event Setup Costs

We take pride in creating Event Planning Software that allows you to create brilliant function plans in minutes, knowing it will fit. Software that allows you to simply drag and drop your scaled furniture icons onto a customised & precise plan of your venue. Your staff will create accurate floor plans with 45 minutes training.

Reduced labour and event setup costs are significanly because of accurate plans.

Not only will your clients appreciate this service, but your staff can easily create their own custom floor plan layouts including banquet, dinner dance, theatre and classroom styles with absolute precision - shuffling furniture will be a thing of the past. “What you see, is precisely what will fit”.


Build Your Own or Let Us

To setup your floor plan templates, our team will build the plans based on the architectural plans or CAD drawings of your venue. (onsite drafting available if these are not available) We utilise designated CAD software to separate areas from the original CAD file. We will also obtain all the specific furniture specs for your venue. This includes tables, chairs, stages, dance floors, lighting trusses etc and create exact scaled icons of these items. Simply drag and drop your customised shapes onto the plan of your venue to create precise event plans that are true to scale. The software is very easy to use and allows you and your staff to create event layouts within 90 seconds. Various types of capacity plans can be created e.g. dinner dance, banquet, theatre style and cocktail to show exactly what can fit in your venue. For outdoor areas, site plans are also setup to precise accuracy which allows you to use it for directional signage, outdoor plans, graphical detail etc.

Create superior events with the best floor plan software

Drag & Drop Software

Simply drag & drop your tables and chairs to create a beautiful event floor plan layout. It's the simplest software to use. Try the software for yourself and see.

Don't Be Locked In

Why be locked in, it's a common mistake. Remember all the event plans you create are saved directly to your PC or MAC. Why be locked into cloud based software. Not with Event Draw

No Limitations & Most Affordable

Restricted by the number of events you can create per year, or limited by the number of PDFs you can save, or number of guests...Not with Event Draw

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